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Adair Ferreira da Silva Júnior

Position:9 Center for
Birth date:1984-03-19

Adair Junior is a first striker able to operate much as the offensive player more advanced, both the front and behind the opponent's defensive line.His style of play is constant demand for access, handling and creating scoring opportunities through intelligent passes and pivots. Despite being right-handed, he can finish well with both feet and head. Adair Junior seeks always be an escape for persistent players in midfield, always trying to hold the ball so that the attack roll to continue. He understands the concept of pressing by delaying the output frame of the game ball and opponent. Due to its physical size, can displace opponents of important positions opening up space in command of ataque.Adair Jackson was recognized worldwide after, receive invitation by naturalization Húngara.Adair junior football federation but was away on letterhead and the press conference devoted champion world by Germany and current coach of the Hungarian occasion Lothar Matthäus has placed the desire to have Adair Junior Qualifier at World Cup selection in Hungary